2016 - CSA Annual Exhibition, CPT (Award)
2016 - National Ceramics Exhibition, JHB
2015 - CSA Annual Exhibition, CPT
2014 - Alphen Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, CPT
2014 - National Ceramics Exhibition, CPT
2013 - CSA Annual Exhibition, CPT (Sculpture Award, Public Collection)
2012 - CSA Annual Exhibition, CPT (Sculpture Award)
2012 - National Ceramics Exhibition, JHB
2011 - International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan
2010 - National Ceramics Exhibition, CPT
2005 - CSA Annual Exhibition, CPT (Sculpture Award)
2006 - Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition, Association of Visual Arts, CPT. (Solo)
2003 - International Genome Project Conference, South African Museum, CPT. (Delegates Award)
2003 - National Ceramics Exhibition, CPT
2002 - African Earth Exhibition, Johannesburg Earth Summit, JHB

©catherina pagani
Resident in Cape Town since 1981, Catherina Pagani is a practicing ceramist and sculptor who creates work of a distinct nature. She has specialized in woodfiring her stoneware sculpture work and makes an unusual contribution to the diversity of South African artistic expression in ceramics. Her creative methods, the surface finishes and the kiln she has built have been developed with a specific vision of the concepts in her work.
She takes part in local and national exhibitions, and has been repeatedly awarded for her work. In 2011 her work was selected for the International Ceramics Competition in Mino, Japan.
Besides her own work she engages in skills development and technical consultation for various projects.