Catherina is a practicing ceramist since 1996 and has specialised in wood firing her sculptural forms. She works with clay bodies based on the wild kaolin that is found on the South Peninsula where she lives, and her work is naturally often inspired by aspects of landscape and earth formations. Working with minerals and high temperature remains a field of continuous research. This includes formulating clay and glaze compositions, kiln construction and firing with wood.

Picture of Catherina Pagani in Her Studio


2022    Corobrik National Ceramic Biennale, CT /Merit Award
2019    Connected by Fire, Rust-en Vrede Gallery, CT
2018    Corobrik National Ceramic Biennale, CT /Merit Award
2016    Corobrik National Ceramic Biennale, JHB
2016    CSA Annual Exhibition, CT /Award
2014    Alphen Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, CT
2014    National Ceramics Exhibition, CT
2013    CSA Annual Exhibition, CT /Sculpture Award, Corobrik Collection
2012    National Ceramics Exhibition, JHB
2012    CSA Annual Exhibition, CT /Sculpture Award
2011    International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan
2010    National Ceramics Exhibition, CT
2006    Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition, Association of Visual Arts, CT /Solo
2005    CSA Annual Exhibition, CT /Sculpture Award
2003    National Ceramics Exhibition, CT
2003    International Genome Project Conference, South African Museum, CT / Delegate’s Award


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